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The Lightweight Champion


Ace the Streets

Easier, faster, more sustainable, and more stylish than ever.

Now you have all the aces up your sleeve.


An agile commuter e-bike that suits every style of life. This nimble e-bike is powerful enough to weave through crowded streets and lightweight enough to be lifted by a single hand.


Portable battery

Winning power

Enjoy up to 100 km of assisted riding with a single battery charge.

360 Wh

Seamlessly integrated | Reliable and durable

36V, 10Ah Lithium-ion Battery with LG Cells


Gates Carbon Belt drive

Exploration unchained

Experience the freedom of a belt drive. No rust, no grease, no chain.

30,000 km maintenance-free

Super lightweight | Hassle-free


Integrated front light

Illuminate your route

Commuting-friendly illumination. Light up your route, without blinding other road users.

20 Lux

STVZO compliant | IPX4 water-resistant


Ride Connected

Your amazing rides deserve a journal! Connect your bike to the TENWAYS App, and build an impressive mileage count!



TENWAYS CGO600 Pro - Avocado Green

  • Details you’ll love in this e-bike masterpiece

    * 16 kg lightweight

    Easily lifted with a single hand.

    * Waterproof design

    Primed for all-weather cycling.

    * Concise display

    All the data you need. Super easy to read.

    40 mm road tiresExtra width,

    extra traction.

    Hydraulic disc brakes

    All-weather stopping power.

    Sleek mudguards

    Utility meets good looks.

  • A premium e-bike to unleash your inner champion.

    • 16 kg light weight
    • Up to 100 km range
    • Sporty geometry
    • Rear hub motor
    • Magnetic torque sensor
    • Portable battery
  • FREE Mudguards & Kickstand!

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