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Upgrade Your
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Electric Bikes! Join the growing number of enthusiasts who are embracing e-bikes for their commuting, fitness, and leisure rides. But purchasing a brand-new electric bike can often come with a hefty price tag! However, with our electric bike conversion kits, you can transform your existing bicycle into an electric-powered ride at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new e-bike. Enjoy the benefits of electric assistance without breaking the bank!

Why Convert Your Bike to Electric?


Discover the exhilarating sensation of effortless riding with electric assistance.


Save money by transforming your current bike into an electric one, avoiding the expense of purchasing a new e-bike.


Contribute to a greener environment by repurposing your existing bike with an electric conversion kit, reducing the need for new manufacturing.

E-Bike Accessories


E-BikeConversion Kit36V 250W Black Front/ Back Motor Kit26"/28"(700C)
& HL136V15.6Ah Battery Hub Motor Conversion Kit DIY

FROM €800

Front / Back motor with 26'’ / 28'’ rim:

  • 36V250W motor

  • Motor diameter: 130mm

  • Spoke: 13G

  • Max speed: 25km/h

  • Max torque: 43N.m

  • Motor color: black

  • Motor cable: 180cm

Down Tube Battery:

  • Voltage: 36V

  • Capacity: 15.6Ah

  • Size: 365X90X105mm


  • Brand: Lishui

  • Position: Integrated in battery holder

  • Low voltage protection: 31V

  • Rated current:7A

  • Max current: 15A

LCD Display:

  • Model:KD21C

  • With backlight: yes

  • Assist level: 5 levels

  • Cable:31.5


Bafang Mid Motor 250W & HL136V15.6Ah Battery

FROM €1450

Bafang mid-drive motor, meticulously crafted to elevate your riding experience. With its integrated speed sensor, this motor seamlessly integrates with standard bikes, boasting a rated power of 250W, a reduction ratio of 1:21.9, and a maximum torque of 80 N.m, delivering optimal power for your journey. Lightweight yet robust, this motor ensures superior riding comfort, making it perfect for both touring and commuter bikes.

Key Features:

  • Newest & Upgraded: Equipped with the latest IRFB3077 mosfets controller featuring a shift sensor and light cable for enhanced functionality.

  • Three Riding Modes: Choose from Pure Electric mode, Power Assistance mode, or Human Riding mode, providing versatility for your riding preferences, ensuring a pleasurable journey every time.

  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to be universally compatible, this Bafang mid-drive motor kit seamlessly integrates with a variety of bikes, including mountain bikes, road bikes, fat bikes, and more. Compatible with bikes featuring a 68-73mm bottom bracket, it ensures versatility across different bike types

  • Down Tube Battery:

  • Voltage: 36V

  • Capacity: 15.6Ah

  • Size: 365X90X105mm

Bafang Mid Motor 250W.jpg
yose power batterie, bike batterie.webp

48V12.5AhLi-ion E-Bike Battery

Voltage: 36V / 48V
Capacity: 15.6Ah/17.4Ah / 12.5Ah
Energy: 577Wh/644Wh / 601Wh
Normal Distance: 40/60/80
Miles Charging Time: 3Hr
Weight(with holder): ca. 4.0kg/3.8kg / 4.2kg
Cell: High Power 18650
Cycle Life(time): 1000+
Standard Current: 10A
Max Current: 20A / 30A
Protect Current: 50A / 60A
End Voltage: 28V / 36.4V
Charge Voltage: 42V / 54.6V
Charge Current: 2A / 3A

yose power batterie, bike batterie converted kit batterie.webp


Voltage: 36V / 48V
Capacity: 20Ah / 15Ah
Energy: 740Wh / 721Wh
Normal Distance: 100 Miles
Miles Charging Time: 3Hr
Weight(with holder): ca. 4.1kg / 4.0kg
Cell: High Power 18650

Cycle Life(time): 1000+
Max Current: 30A
Protect Current: 60A
End Voltage: 28V / 36.4V
Charge Voltage: 42V / 54.6V
Charge Current: 3A / 2A


36V13AhE-BikeLi-ionBattery/RearCarrier From€450

Voltage: 36V
Capacity: 13Ah
Energy: 481Wh
Normal Distance: 40/60/80
Miles Charging Time: 40 Miles
Weight(with holder): ca. 4.2kg
Cell: High Power 18650
Cycle Life(time): 1000+
Standard Current: 10A
Max Current: 20A
Protect Current: 50A
End Voltage: 28V
Charge Voltage: 42V
Charge Current: 2A

Additional Information

Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive 12-month warranty covering both the motor and battery.

Maximum Speed: Cruise comfortably with a maximum speed of 25km/h, ensuring safe and regulated riding experiences.

Pedal Sensor Compatibility: Please be aware that the included pedal sensor may not fit Hollowtech II and Octalink setups. For these, you'll need to acquire the compatible pedal sensor from the provided link. Brake Lever Compatibility: Our kit's brake levers are not compatible with hydraulic brakes. To ensure seamless integration, acquire the appropriate brake sensors from the link provided.

Full Service Included: Prior to installation, we conduct a thorough service on your bike, ensuring optimal performance. Additionally, benefit from two punture protection tyres included with the kit.

Order Processing and Delivery: Orders are promptly processed upon placement. Please note that delivery typically takes up to 10 days.


Upgrade your biking experience today with our reliable and comprehensive conversion kits.

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Choosing a E-Kit

Let us convert your existing bike into a top-end E-bike at a fraction of the cost of a prebuilt E-bike.

Custom built E-bikes are often more powerful, can have greater range, cost less and are easier to maintain than pre built E-bikes

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