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The Gates Pedal Strap is a secure and easy to adjust alternative to toe clips and straps. Made from durable 2" nylon seatbelt webbing and an extra long top strap the Gates Pedal Strap is tough enough for freestyle tricks and comfortable enough for the morning commute.

The Gates Pedal Strap was built for all styles of riding and is secure, adjustable and easy to install. Designed to address the short comings of some of the other pedal straps on the market, the Gates Pedal Straps are are easy to install, built with an extra long top strap to fit most shoes/boots and most importantly these straps are affordable!

Please note that using pedal retention system as a breaking method is at your own risk. Pedals and straps should be checked regularly.


  • Features

    • made in the USA
    • long strap length for perfect adjustment
    • stiff lower strap to retain shape
    • compatible with other BMX pedals that have a through hole
    • wide 2" upper strap made of durable nylon seatbelt webbing
    • sold in pairs

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