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 Your Ultimate Family Bike for Life's Adventures


Designed with your most precious moments in mind, the TENWAYS CARGO ONE is your ideal travel companion, equipped with an extra-large cargo box and ergonomic features to enhance your family's journey through life's little adventures.


Eye-Catching Ride with Automatic Ambient Light

Experience a unique and eye-catching ride as the automatic ambient light greets you the moment you start your bike, setting the scene for an unforgettable journey.


All-Weather Visible Ride with Car-Grade Side Lighting

Stay safe in style with our high-visibility, fog-proof daytime running lights, ensuring peace of mind in all weather conditions.


Worry-Free Ride with Turn Signals Included

Enjoy a worry-free ride as the CARGO ONE comes equipped with turn signals, seamlessly combining simplicity with functionality for a safer journey.


A Cozy Ride for Your Little Ones

Providing ample comfort for both adult riders and child passengers, the CARGO ONE features a versatile cargo box designed for stress-free family travel.


  • Room to Spare: 800-liter capacity
  • Safety First: 5-point safety belt
  • Comfort for Front Passengers: Cushioned comfort
  • Longer Rides Made Easy: 40% pressure reduction
  • Family-Friendly: Two-point adjustable stem


Unmatched Versatility for the Ultimate Multi-Tasker

Parents are ultimate multi-taskers, and the CARGO ONE is your versatile partner, supporting you in managing daily life effortlessly.


Reliable Drive System with a Touch of Style

Experience a carefully tuned drive system that delivers reliable, safe performance without compromising on style.


  • Gates CDX Carbon Belt: Durable and low-maintenance
  • Enviolo Stepless Shifting Hub: User-friendly and can be shifted at a standstill
  • Heavy-Duty Mid-Drive Motor: Compact size with a powerful performance


The Beauty of Life is in the Details

Built with meticulous attention to detail, the CARGO ONE is an eye-catcher that helps parents manage daily life while feeling great.


Ride Smart. Ride Connected.

Connect with the TENWAYS App to record your rides in real time, track your stats, and cast directions straight to the integrated LCD display for seamless navigation. Communicate with our team directly through the integrated help center.

Experience the joy of family adventures with the TENWAYS CARGO ONE – Your Ultimate Family Bike.



    With an extra-large cargo box and a host of ergonomic features, it is the best travel companion to carry your little ones through life's little adventures.


    • Extra-large Cargo Box
    • EV-style Sidelights
    • 960 Wh Portable Battery
    • Gates CDX Carbon Belt
    • Enviolo Stepless Shifting Hub
    • Mid-drive Motor
    • Versatile Cargo Functions
    • Comfortable Set-up
  • Free rain cover with every order.

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