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Premium urban comfort,
Elegance on two wheels.

A beautiful combination of premium components and a slick frame, suitable for all urban road surfaces. A must-have for smoothing out your daily errands in a stylish and effortless way.


Tailored, comfortable ride

Streamlined, timeless style


Shine in the Urban

A fresh color that leaves a lasting impression. Car-grade paint coating that’s sure to turn heads.


your lifestyle

Absolute dependability, with minimal fuss. No chain twisting, no oily hands – just pure, constant cycling pleasure.

0 maintenance required

Completely Silent | Super Lightweight


Enviolo Stepless Shifting Hub

seamless shifting

Gear shifting as smooth and easy as turning a radio knob, with an intuitive indicator just at your fingertips.

100% - 310% gear ratio range

Silent Shifting | Maintenance-free


Mid-drive Motor An empowering boost: 

Powerful delivery matched with super responsive controls, the Bafang M420 mid-drive motor delivers a smooth, natural, and intuitive ride.

80 Nm max. torque

Integrated Torque Sensor | Urban Optimized


Portable Battery


A sleek, seamlessly integrated portable battery, delivering 100 km maximum range.

504 Wh battery capacity

Seamlessly Integrated | Large Capacity


Your Life, Way Easier

Carefully selected components to ensure maximized comfort and joy.

Integrated Rear Carrier

Custom-built to integrate seamlessly with the frame, your dependable load-carrying partner!


Ride Smart.

Ride Connected.

Connect with the TENWAYS App to record your rides in real time and track your stats.



TENWAYS AGO T - Midnight Black