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Get ready for the ultimate ride with the latest version of the Kugoo G2 Pro (September 2022). Boasting a top speed of 45km/h and an impressive maximum range of 55km*, this all-terrain electric scooter offers unbeatable value for money. No wonder it's one of the best-selling electric scooters in Ireland.

Equipped with rear-wheel drive and a powerful German-made BLDC motor that outputs 600w of direct power, the Kugoo G2 Pro is capable of handling steeper hills up to 18 degrees with ease. Its reliable performance and quick acceleration from a standing start make it a great choice for any adventure seeker.

While the manufacturer specifies the maximum range as 55km, our experience indicates that the real-world range achievable is typically 50-60% of the specified range.

The Kugoo G2 Pro's strong aluminum-alloy frame and unique scissor structure suspension can support a maximum load of 130 kg, while the wide 9-inch pneumatic tires deliver a smooth and comfortable ride. At only 27kg, it's easily portable and foldable with one of Kugoo's simplest folding mechanisms yet.

Experience the thrill of off-road riding like never before with the Kugoo G2 Pro. Upgrade your adventure today.

Kugoo G2 Pro Electric Scooter


    Top speed: 45km/h

    Top Speed in each mode: 15km/h 30km/h 45km/h

    Range: 55km

    Battery: 48V 15Ah

    Motor Rated Power: 600W

    Hill Climbing: 20°

    Brake System: Dual Disc Brake

    Tires: 9''

    Size: Unfold 1187*620*1315 mm, Fold 1187*620*560 mm

    Pedal Width: 18.2cm

    Chassis Height: 14cm

    Weight: 26.7kg

    Max load: 120 kg/265 lbs

    Charging Time: 7-8h

    IP Rating: IP54

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