A lightweight integrated chain in the Keeper line of Kryptonite security products
The Keeper Integrated Chain is a hardened triple heat-treated boron manganese steel chain made with 7 mm four-sided links
The Keeper Integrated Chain secures with a new integrated lock head
Chain links are enclosed in a nylon-webbing sleeve to protect paint from scratches
End pin-link design secures the chain with the hardened deadbolt
Offers great holding power against attacks
High security disc-style cylinder is pick and drill resistant
Recommended for use in low crime areas
Comes with 2 ergonomic 'I' keys
The new 'I' key makes opening a disc-style cylinder much smoother
85 cm Length
Approved to bicycle Silver Sold Secure standard

Keeper 785 Integrated Chain (7 mm X 85 cm) Sold Secure Silver